When looking for a training course that encompasses all aspects, as well as ensuring you are truly classed as a fully qualified tradesperson, there’s nowhere better than The Trades College.

We are a specialist trade skills training college with over 40 years experience and more than 10,000 people qualified through us each year. 

After a short period with us, you will be qualified and capable of carrying out a range of jobs in the trades industry that you have studied for.


“The training has been really helpful and I have learned quite a lot, my assessor is very good and helped me out when I needed him to.”

“Great tutor. He taught me really well to make me pass my exam. I learned so much about gas from Steve this week. I am looking forward to next week’s practical.”

“Everything is good and well organised, the centre is clean and new regulations are great.”

covid safe training centre 2
covid safe training centre
covid safe training centre 3

Once your at-home learning has been completed and fully approved by your personal tutor, you will be invited to attend one of our City & Guilds accredited training courses located nationwide. From these locations you will get hands-on with practical training, putting those skills learned from home into practice.


As well as practical training, you will also attend a range of classes to receive further learning from your tutor in a classroom setting with other like-minded individuals all looking to become fully qualified trades professionals or obtain specific qualifications.



Our nationwide training centres are fully equipped for your arrival. We will provide you with all the tools for the tasks at hand, individual workspaces will be available, and you will experience specially designed practical workshops. These training facilities will allow you to hone your skills to become a fully qualified tradesman and you won’t need to worry about any Covid risks as our training centres are Covid-safe, with tools cleaned regularly, floor markings throughout the building, and all staff and students required to wear face masks at all times.


Training to become a fully qualified tradesman is a big undertaking and we want you to be fully on board and excited to start. When signing up with us, you will be contacted by a member of our Trades College team who will be able to answer any questions you may have about our trades courses and your journey to becoming a fully qualified tradesman.

What makes our Trades College stand out from the competition is the benefit of having multiple on-site training locations around the UK. This removes the need for students to find an apprenticeship and instead receive all their essential qualifications in the same course, reducing qualification time by around 30%.

During this on-site training, you will be assessed by a tutor, and work in a real environment rather than in a classroom or training centre. All relevant evidence will be collected, assessed by your tutor and in no time at all you’ll be classified as a fully qualified tradesman and ready to enter the working world, joining an already established company, or starting your own business.