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Plumbing earnings are on the rise yet again

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Now that we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with the rollout of the vaccine and the relaxation of lockdown, everything is getting back on track. Although Plumbers are classed as essential workers and have been able to continue to provide their services, the easing of lockdown can only be beneficial. The construction industry as a whole is making strides in the right direction. As for plumbers, last month they saw an average increase of 4.8% on monthly earnings!

Plumbing courses

This research is talking about those plumbing professionals that are working on a self-employed basis. Last month was a great time for those in this type of work and plumbers out in the industry earned an average of £983 a month throughout February. This is great news for plumbers and all labour workers in the construction industry. As it means that things are getting back on track and more people are willing to let tradespeople into their homes.

Are you working as a plumber?

If you are working out on the tools as a plumber yet you have never achieved a National Vocational Qualification or NVQ then here at Able Skills we have assessors in place that can conduct this assessment with you. Traditionally an NVQ Assessment involves a visit to your current place of work whether that is a domestic property or elsewhere on two occasions. During this time they will test your competence against the industry standard.

During the pandemic, we have been offering NVQ Assessments remotely and we will continue to do so. Instead of visiting your place of work, our instructors will observe you through a video call. Meaning that we can conduct assessments for anybody around the country. Contact us for more information about this alternative option.

How do I become a plumber?

If you are considering a new career, plumbing can be a fantastic opportunity not only as a job but as a lifelong career! No longer will you need to search for ‘plumbing courses near me’ as we offer modules you can do at home, as well as exciting virtual training. We offer a complete range of Plumbing courses from introductory options to industry-recognised qualifications.

When looking to become a plumber the first step is to achieve a City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing course! This course offers a completely comprehensive guide to plumbing from novice to professional with both hands-on practical training and theory sessions. 




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