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Plumbing Careers types


In plumbing, your salary will depend on how long you have been in the business. As well as what experience you have gathered. Your plumbing career starting salary will begin within the region of £15k. Reaching upwards of £40k as you gain recognition and experience.

Being a plumber is good work, with plenty of opportunities to work all year round. There will be a range of work out there upon completing your NVQ and the City and Guilds qualification. You will be more than qualified to begin your career in plumbing. There are several different plumbing careers to go through. 

Getting experience as a plumber 

Once you have finished your qualifications as a plumber. You will want to focus on getting experience in the domestic setting and building up a reputation. There are many daily tasks to carry out as a plumber, from servicing central heating to responding to emergency call-outs. 

Finding work is, of course, an essential part of your daily routine. And you may find yourself talking to potential customers and quoting them for your services. 

You will find that work should become more frequent as you establish your name and soon be on the way to becoming an experienced plumber. 

The Trades College Plumbing Careers

With the qualifications we give you at The Trades College, you’ll have all of the knowledge to give your customers a professional service. Launching your career, and finding work with this should be straight forward. 

Of course, you may be working long hours; potentially up to 40 hours a week with various customers and projects. In addition, more experienced plumbers may move into commercial work with businesses and larger domestic projects that will require dedicated time. 

Experienced paths 

As an experienced plumber, it will become an important part of your role to continue relationships with customers and work on the larger projects you have been given. 

You may want to take your plumbing career into joining an established company at this point. Working with other experienced plumbers, you will have all of the relevant qualifications and experience to do so. 

Perhaps you want go down the avenue of setting up your own plumbing company, and hiring plumbers to train and work with you, building even more experience to become a plumber that your customers will trust. 

Regardless of what you choose to do, your career will take you to various installations and allow you to work with a range of clients. A plumber is always in demand, and getting the correct qualifications is the perfect groundwork to make sure that you are ahead of your competition. 

Begin working as a plumber the right way 

If you have decided that becoming a plumber is the right career path for you, then you will want to get the best possible qualifications to begin your plumbing careers. Getting your Cities and Guilds qualification, alongside your NVQ with The Trades College, is the best route into plumbing, as you will gain the best qualifications in the trade and have a great tutor throughout the process, learning when you want to know. 

We hope you have been inspired to begin your career as a plumber today, and are ready to start learning with us now. You’re already on the way to beginning your rewarding career as a plumber!




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