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Is being an Electrician a good career choice?

Electrician Career Change


Thinking of getting out from under that desk, looking to get out from behind the till or looking to improve your earning potential with a career change? Becoming an Electrician could be just the ticket!

Being an Electrician is a very broad term and there are many niches and specific industries that you can work in if you choose to become a specialist in the field such as: working Offshore on oil rigs or wind farms, as an Automotive electrical specialist or even a Marine electrics specialist. To become a specialist of course takes more training, time and certification so let’s look at what is involved in being a domestic or light commercial electrician.

A day in the life of an electrician usually consists of being out on the road travelling between various jobs and sites. Sometimes you could be performing several different jobs in a day, in contrast, you may be working on a building site for several weeks finishing first fixing electrics in some newly constructed homes. The job involves meeting and interacting with lots of new people, working independently and sometimes in a team. Sounds good so far? Here is some more information that will interest you. 

What is the average wage of an Electrician in the UK? 

According to the ONS (Office of National Statistics), the average wage of an Electrician in the Uk during 2020 was £33,495. This average figure has been steadily increasing year on year for the last 5 years so it’s safe to say Electricians are well paid and it’s going to stay that way. 

ONS surveys over the last 5 years also show that Electricians are consistently in the top 3 earning trades.

It’s a booming Industry

The construction industry, in general, is always solid with a variance depending on geographical location, recently an investment from the public sector was announced for 2021, this paired with a shortage of tradespeople already means the construction industry is set to be in a large period of growth which will last many years, this means lots of work for tradespeople and most definitely Electricians. 

What are an Electrician’s hours?

Electricians are generally Monday to Friday with some weekend work, and roughly 9 to 5 but this can vary, it all depends on your role and who you work for, training with The Trades College can lead to you being fully qualified and then working for yourself setting your own working hours.

How do you become a qualified electrician?

There are several routes to becoming a qualified Electrician, the fastest route into employment or even starting your own business is to partake in a training course with us! Click on the link below to learn more. 




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