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Gas Engineer Work Types

gas engineering work place


If you’re looking to get into a career as a gas engineer, you’ll want to know what types of work you’ll be doing. Regardless of experience, getting up to speed in gas engineering with a course will mean you are ready for any type of career in the industry.

If you want to work in the gas industry, then you’ll be working with a range of appliances, from the standard boiler to the household central heating systems, this is challenging and diverse work.

Gas Engineer Careers  

Your ACS is the gateway into a career in Gas Engineering. As it will give you full credit and qualify you as an engineer. If you complete our gas engineering course, not only do you get the best possible qualification for your career but an industry expert as your tutor too. 

Maintenance and servicing Engineer work

After you complete your ACS you will be fully qualified to complete all gas engineering projects domestically. Gas constantly needs to be maintained and checked, something you will learn throughout your course, providing work throughout the year.

As well as this, you may find yourself in demand as houses are continually built and gas is essential to these builds. There is plenty of work, that you will be more than qualified to complete after you obtain your ACS.

As well as this, you may find yourself in demand as houses are continually built and gas is essential to these builds. There is plenty of work, that you will be more than qualified to complete after you obtain your ACS.

Maintenance and servicing

Much of your work will come from the maintenance of boilers and gas pipes. This is essential work in both the domestic and commercial setting, as it is a critical safety precaution to follow. Maintainance is good work, which can be efficiently completed within half an hour, and as boilers will need to be serviced annually, it is recurring work.

A routine boiler service will see you going to domestic property and disassembling the boiler, individually checking each part for functionality, and then reassembling the product upon completion. Should there be issues with the boiler then you may need to source new parts and change them out.

Once this is done, you will be doing a full report for the service and giving it to the customer, these are the steps to a routine boiler service.

Whilst these are frequent in the domestic setting, commercial boilers will also need to be serviced all year round also. This work will see you doing a similar practice to the domestic setting, but of course, working with much larger networks. Some businesses may even require more routine maintenance and care, with some companies offering monthly care.

Domestic property 

One of the most popular career paths as a gas engineer is domestic property work. This work is common and will come up all year around. Boilers constantly need to be checked for safety purposes, and whilst it is possible for the customer to do it themselves, the best way is for a qualified gas engineer to service their boiler.

Domestic work is reliable and will present its own rewarding challenges as you progress through it. As an engineer, it will be your job to problem solve and present the customer with the best possible product that is safe and reliable.If a customer needs a new part for their boiler, then you will be the one to find the part for them, and promise that the boiler is up to the best possible safety standards.

Commercial heating 

Outside of the domestic setting, you may be involved in much larger projects for businesses and brands. Working with branching heating systems, boilers or even pipework. Much larger than a domestic setting, the commercial gas engineer will be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of larger networks.

Become fully qualified in gas engineering with The Trades College

When a problem arises you need to be swift. This is a fast career, and will require you to be excellent in problem solving.

Running your own service 

Once your course is complete you can decide if you want to join an established firm, or begin your own business. 

Neither of these is the wrong decision. You may feel joining an already running business is the right decision for you as you continue to gain experience. However, if you want to grow a business in gas engineering, you’re going to need to set yourself apart from the competition.

You could work with businesses and offer advice on gas maintenance, or specialise in a specific sector of commercial. Whatever you decide to do, it is your business, built on the qualification you have 


Regardless of the career path you go through, you should find being a gas engineer more than rewarding. As a cornerstone of the home, and businesses, becoming a gas engineer is rewarding work.

A gas engineer does valuable work. You will find your career to progress smoothly with a range of challenges and problems to solve, you’ll always have work to throughout your career.




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