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Essential Apps For Electricians

apps for electricians


In this day and age, being an electrician means also using electronic devices in your day-to-day life. A lot of app creators have caught on to this and have done their best to make these fully qualified electrician’s lives just a little bit easier. As of 2021, there are hundreds of electrician apps on the market, so which ones are best? 

Check out our list below to see our pick of the best apps for electricians as of 2021.


iCertifi allows electricians to create BS 7671 electrical certificates as secure PDFs straight from their iOS device. This app can be used offline so it’s a tool every fully qualified electrician should have. Even if you are in a place without internet connection, you can still create your certificate and show your client for peace of mind, then send it off once you are in a hotspot.


You’ve probably seen advertisements for QuickBooks by Intuit on TV and online. It’s everywhere for good reason! Quickbooks by Inuit is a smart and simple accounting software allowing self-employed electricians to manage their taxes, staff, clients’ invoices and track expenses all from one place.


This free iPhone app includes a Cable Calc tool useful to every electrical contractor. It features a comprehensive selection & volt drop calculator tool. for installations up to 25KW 100A. Learn more about Megger here.


This app calculates the operating costs and energy usage of your electrical equipment and machinery such as:

  • Consumption/Hour (watts/kilowatts)
  • Usage/Hour (number of hours used)

This app is particularly useful when used in conjunction with other expenses tracker software (e.g. QuickBooks by Intuit) to effectively track the running costs of your electrical business. To conclude, it also helps to keep an eye on your Co2 emission, which helps your business become eco-friendlier.

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