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Electricians in High Demand: Electrician Training 101

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If you are looking for electrician training, there may be no better time. As the world shifts its view to sustainability, getting our energy from renewable sources and powering the world with clean energy, electricians are in higher demand than ever. 

Lots of career opportunities with electrician training

It’s been a difficult year for industries across the world, and with massive upheaval and changes happening across the world, electricians are too seeing changes in the industry. 

Electricals are a rapidly changing environment. With the continued need to build homes across the country, electricians have sustained interest in installing electricals for these developments. Not only this, there is an interest in making electrical more sustainable, with electricians now being required to make homes ready for electric vehicles and solar installations. 

With this in mind, studying to become an electrician is only getting bigger. With The Trades College, we make sure that you are ready to become a fully qualified electrician ready for all possible jobs and career paths.

A job in high demand 

As the electrical sector continues to recover and expand, there is an ever-present demand for jobs. As a result, electricians are always in need, with employment set to grow exponentially over the next decade. In addition, government policy aims to make appliances cheaper to run and save customers money on their bills, resulting in more work for the electrical industry. 

A push towards getting appliances to rank at least A+ for efficiency is paramount in making this possible. The efficiency rankings help customers choose products that will run well on their energy plan and get the best value in their bills. 

Train as an electrician and become fully qualified with The Trades College

The electrician’s job in the future may be to advise customers on the cleanest and most efficient products to use as the government points towards sustainability, and the market moves towards clean energy. 

You will still be required to work closely with buildings and commercial stores to input wiring and electrical devices. 

There is still room for the most standard of electrical careers. However, the industry is constantly changing and fast-moving, so if you are looking to join an industry that constantly changes and adapts to customer needs, becoming an electrician is increasingly invaluable. 

The Electrician shortage 

In the UK, there have been reports of a shortfall of 50 electricians. Across the country, this begins to add up, and a significant number of vacancies appear all year round. With this amount of jobs, there is potential for under-qualified to be given the role, which is, of course, a problem. 

electrician wiring with The Trades College

Taking a course with the correct qualifications not only puts you in the best stead for these jobs but means you secure a sturdy base for your career. 

Getting a steady flow of work in any trade is crucial, and it appears the electrical sector is crying out for fully qualified, and dedicated, electricians. Getting work will as always depend on your reputation and experience, but in an industry that is desperate to meet the demand that changes are asking of them, the work is constantly out there.

Innovation and Investment 

Energy is a sector of paramount importance to the U.K government and the rest of the world also. Not only is work being found in the renewable energy sector for engineers. But, also practical electricians can benefit the industries move towards sustainability. 

Many private sector companies are investing heavily in a sustainable future. Landmark moments like the Paris Agreement in 2015 between United Nations countries see a change in moving towards zero emissions. The Race to Zero has grown massively since the initial 2015 agreement in Paris, with over 2000 businesses signed up to the movement as of today. 

Renewable energy is changing the electrical trade.
The electrician sector is set to change drastically as the world moves towards renewable energy

This has implications for the electrical industry. Because of the changes being made to the way that businesses work. Increasingly the drive is to reduce the emissions across the globe, and our energy use is crucial. So the electrician will have a more critical role in understanding how people use their electrical’s and their response to emissions. 

The avenues for commercial electricians are opening up for far more consistent and important roles. Businesses are not only looking to reduce their emissions but also their energy costs. The role will often fall to you as the electrician to give your customers and clients the best possible product, not just for them but the environment also.

The Demand for electricians 

A recent report found that the U.K is going to demand at least 15000 people to become fully qualified electricians within the next five years. This is an incredible demand, and clearly, the investment will need to be placed into the sector to reach this number. Becoming an electrician should seem like an appealing career move to make as the industry increasingly concerns itself with the state of the planet, and the need to meet a shortfall.

Find a good flow of work as an electrician

Training as an electrician 

Becoming an electrician will require several years of studying, and gaining practical experience. With The Trades College, we provide two courses for aspiring electricians. Both courses will give you the best start you need to achieve your career goals in electricity. 

Either course will mean that you become the best qualified to become the electrician you want to be. With a variety of opportunities to gain experience throughout the years you spend studying and completing your qualifications, you will be prepared for the ever-changing sphere of electrical’s. 

Gain full qualifications with The Trades College

Whilst our domestic electrician course is stripped back in comparison to the Full Scope course. However, it does not remove any chances for you to have a successful career as an electrician. Becoming a domestic electrician will see you working in the home, giving you access to wiring in all domestic electrical and the increasing prevalence of innovative home platforms and connected devices. Working as an electrician within the home is only expanding.

How does Electrician training work? 

The Trades College provide courses to become an electrician by using online theory classes and practical work on-site. Using demonstrations, videos and virtual reality simulations, you will learn on the job, whilst at home.

When not learning from our manuals and articles, you can also check in with your personal tutor. The Trades College give you a tutor with an abundance of industry experience to learn everything you need to for your career. 

courses to become an electrician

This balances out your learning of the trade with real-life anecdotes and experiences from a tutor that you always have access to, meaning you can always ask questions or clear up any insecurities.

Why you should train as an electrician 

Hit the ground running with an ever-expanding industry 

As outlined, the electrical sector is increasingly growing with demand far outweighing supply as it stands. 

That means you will most likely be dropped into work quickly and finding out there is a great deal of experience to gain. Experience is crucial to your development as an electrician, as with any trade, and due to the shortages in the trade: you should find your career becoming valuable quickly. 

Impacting the future of the environment

With the world constantly changing and needing to become cleaner to reduce emissions, electricians are crucial in helping the public use their energy more efficiently. This means as an electrician. You will be influencing how the environment changes and becomes greener. 

If you are deeply invested in how the world changes and want a cleaner future, then a career as an electrician should be appealing. With developments around efficiency and energy constantly coming out. You will be at the forefront of these changes and implementing them into homes and businesses across the country. 

Switch up your career path 

There are many skills that you learn as an electrician… Fitting, changing, ordering, and communicating are essential skills that you will need to master and your career. Luckily, mastering these skills feed into and inform wider career choices as an electrician. Meaning you can take your career in any direction you choose. 

For example, if you prefer installing electrical meters and other products, you can specialise in this experience. Should you like dealing with customers, you can become an advisor or consultant in dealing with customers’ electrical concerns. Whatever you enjoy doing the most, it is your career and your choices. 

Cost-effective training 

We have designed our course to get you the best qualifications you can get in your field. With a range of payment options and plans on offer to make sure you can afford your new career, the commitment is on getting trained to become an electrician, and keeping costs low is another incentive to become part of the industry. 

Great salary 

Going hand in hand with the training, the starting salary for electricians is £29k on average, which can reach as much as £40k as your experience grows. The money is excellent as an electrician. While this shouldn’t be your incentive for choosing this career, it does help to feel your services are valued. 

Changing work environment 

For the most part, electricians will be working across various settings and workplaces. With different environments each day. Each of them presenting different challenges and problems to solve, you will constantly change your approach and utilise the skills you have leant to make the best of your work. 

Especially pertinent for those who have had a long career, and want a drastic change. Or benefit from volatile, changing environments, working as an electrician will be an increasingly rewarding career prospect. 

Become your own boss 

If starting your own company is appealing, training as an electrician may be the choice for you. Many electricians gain experience for several years. As they gain this experience and continue to gain skills, a logical goal is to break away and begin your own project. 

Starting your own electrician company will mean you can decide who you work with and what you work on. You can also choose to take on apprentices and train them up using your experience. 

This may not be for everyone, and you may prefer working for an established company or with another respected electrician. However, you will have a great career by earning the right qualifications whatever you choose to do.


It may be the best time to learn the electrical trade. With the industry growing incredibly quickly and jobs coming up every day across the country. There is little to dislike about becoming an electrician. 

Learning the trade puts you at the front of the world’s changes. The electrical trade is becoming essential as there is increasing demand and too few people qualified to fill these vacancies. 

Begin your career as an electrician with The Trades College today.




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