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Shaun now WORKS as a plumber for RMP Construction


Shaun is also looking to RUN his own plumbing business in the future…

Shaun originally from Johannesburg South Africa decided to move to the UK with his family 4 years ago.

Shaun says “I had been a photo-copier technician in South Africa and I desperately wanted a new career, so when I moved to the UK I looked into different career options and found the biggest demand and the best paid jobs were in the construction trades, and plumbing was one of them.

Shaun chose Train 4 Trade Skills for their flexible payment scheme and fresh approach to learning. Shaun is now in receipt of his NVQ level2 certification and says; “I am now working in the construction industry as a plumber and eventually the plan is to RUN my own plumbing business. I know that without the virtual reality training I couldn’t have completed my NVQ in such a short time.”

Shaun states that he knows of loads of plumbers, just on the construction sites where he works, who are struggling to complete their full NVQ qualification due to not being able to find the jobs that meet the criteria that allow them to be properly assessed. “Without the full NVQ qualification it’s just not possible to apply for jobs or gain employment.”

Most companies are not equipped for the NVQ programme but ERR ltd and Trades for Life in particular, have been created for just that purpose and for the NVQ to be achieved.




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