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What Electrician Qualifications do I need?

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If you’re starting out in the electrician trade then you may be wondering where you need to go, and which qualifications you should get.

There are dozens of courses on offer for electricians. Each offering something different, and it easily becomes overwhelming when trying to decide which course to take. 

The Trades College is built to ensure you get the relevant qualifications for your success. We will outline the qualifications you need and any support you should seek out whilst taking our course, regardless of if this is your first career or you’re retraining. We want you to get the best possible start in your career as an electrician. 

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Getting your Electrician qualifications 

The path to becoming a fully qualified electrician is simple to find. On The Trades College electrician course, you can decide if you want to become a full scope electrician or become a domestic electrician. 

Domestic electrician qualification

Becoming a domestic electrician means you will be taking your Part P qualifications for both defined scope and full scope to ensure you are trained in the best safety standards. Which, makes it an essential qualification to have. 

Further to this, you’ll also need to complete your City and Guilds qualifications in inspection and wiring regulations. City and Guilds are well respected and recommended by industry professionals. At The Trades College, we deem them essential in your electrical education. You will also be able to talk to your greatly experienced tutor, who will provide valuable insight into your future career. 

Becoming a domestic engineer means you will complete wiring and testing within the home setting. Working on a range of jobs in housing. It is rewarding work. Leaving the door open to becoming a full scope electrician as you gain more experience in the domestic setting. 

Full Scope Electrician qualification  

The Full scope course will mean that you will be taking all of the aspects of the domestic route and then going one step further to complete a Level 3 qualification in inspection and testing, making you qualified to work on a complete range of electrical projects.

Not only that, but you will undertake an AM2 assessment also. A 5 section, 16 and a half hour assessment will take you through a set of occupational tasks you will face as an electrician. 

At The Trades College, we ensure you will be ready for your career. And these extra qualifications in the Full Scope course ensure you will be prepared to work on the most significant electrical tasks. 

How does the course work? 

You will learn via a range of in-person or virtual practical tasks coached by professionals. As well a this, you will get to support your learning through theory-based study, along with frequent talks with your tutor and industry professionals.

You complete the course on your own time. Understandably, you may have other commitments preventing you from completing the course as quickly as possible. However, the quality of your learning is the priority, opposed to the speed of it. 

Completing it right 

The Trades College have made this course for those wanting to get into the electrical trade. Therefore, they have chosen the best qualifications to do so. With The Trades College, you will be getting the best qualifications to be a part of the industry.




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