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What Are The Benefits Of On-site Learning?



Whereas most trades courses offer training centre learning, they also typically offer the learning and qualifications for an NVQ level 2, requiring you to find apprenticeship work to obtain that important NVQ level 3.


Here at The Trades College, we offer the whole package, saving you around 30% on your qualification time due to incorporating the NVQ level 3 training into our courses via on-site learning at one of our selected units nationwide.


How many sites are available to our students?


We have on-site training areas across the UK, including:

  • Southampton
  • West Midlands
  • Yorkshire
  • London
  • Essex
  • North East & West

with many more added as time goes on.


Having the ability to carry out on-site learning at a new build allows our students to experience a real working environment and see how new builds can differ from the setups at one of our training centres. They can also better understand how to wire a household if they are training to become a fully qualified electrician, or the same can be said for plumbing around a household if training to become a plumber.


All on-site learning is carried out under the supervision of a fully qualified subject matter expert, ensuring our students carry out the tasks correctly, effectively, and can learn on the job. All the while they are getting to carry out work that will have an actual impact, not only on their personal skills and qualifications but also on a future homeowner of the new builds they are working on. So the satisfaction will be a great addition to their learning, as well as having the proper understanding of deadlines and pressures that typically accompany a trades-based job.


Course Breakdown


With our courses, you will be able to begin your training from the comfort of your home via our bespoke learning manuals and online virtual reality software, allowing you to carry out a range of basic plumbing, electrical, gas, renewables, and even welding based tasks, to prepare you for the eventual hands-on learning. Like all of the courses, your home learning will be assessed by a qualified tutor, handpicked for their experience in the chosen field. This at-home learning will be fit around your day-to-day life so there is no pressure to get work done quickly or during work hours. 


Once your home learning is completed, you will be invited to one of our nationwide training centres where you will hone your skills with real, hands-on learning. All the tools will be ready for you, a skilled tutor will be on-hand to help you, and the entire site is covid-safe, with masks worn at all times, markings laid out along the floors, and equipment sanitised regularly.


After your training at our centres, you will visit an on-site location to work in a real environment and is the culmination of all the training you’ve had leading up to this.


At the end of the course, you will be the proud owner of all relevant qualifications, including those all-important NVQ level 2 and 3 qualifications. You will then be able to apply for a range of jobs in the area you have studied for, and can even choose to start your own business up in that field if you prefer.


If this sounds good to you, head to our courses page on our website to browse the range of options available, speak to a member of our team, and start your journey to a new, fulfilling, and financially rewarding career.




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