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Part-time electrician course Working around my 9-5/family life

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Electrician Courses

Sitting there thinking “I wish there were more electrician courses near me”? Think no longer! Well, about that question. Because we can offer electrician training! The Trades College can help YOU (yes, you) become a fully qualified electrician. 

One of the most common concerns we come across is that people are worried about not having the time to take an electrician course, but we work around you! Remember, when viewing electrician courses in the UK, we have a success rate of over 10,000 people to become a qualified electrician each year. 


Electrician Training

When you get in contact with us about our electrician course, you will be directed through a series of steps to ensure you’re set in the right direction. When you’re checking out electrician courses in London, or anywhere! You can take part in our bespoke manuals and virtual reality simulations. Once qualified, you will have electrician qualifications which will help you be recognised as an asset to companies everywhere. 

There are 2 courses you can choose from which have all the material and guidance you need to finish with qualifications that employers are looking for. Alternatively, this is a great stepping stone to starting your own business as an electrician. You’ll be learning from home and in our state of the art sites to complete your NVQ. 


The Trades College

We specialise in building your career. If you have any questions, we have a trade course frequently asked questions page you can check out on our website. We also have a plethora of blogs available so you can keep up to date with us and what we’re achieving.




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