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Online Plumbing Courses: How do they work


We know how it is, you want to be a plumber but are struggling to fit your existing lifestyle around the time you would need to take to go and partake in a training course to gain the qualifications and knowledge you need to become a professional plumber. And that is exactly why you should consider online plumbing courses to gain the essential knowledge and skills you need to start working in the plumbing trade. 

Not only will you gain the knowledge you need to get your pdf certificates but you will also learn a lot about your personal development as you choose when you learn and take the reigns of your education. 

What you’ll learn at home

Through our online plumbing training, you will achieve the foundation skills needed and knowledge that upon successfully completing the course you will be able to move to work in the plumbing industry!

  • Understand how to communicate with others within building services engineering
  • Common plumbing processes
  • Health and safety in building services engineering
  • Electrical principles and processes for building services engineering
  • Scientific principles for domestic, industrial, and commercial plumbing
  • Coldwater systems
  • Domestic hot water systems
  • Sanitation
  • Central heating systems
  • Drainage systems

How you’ll learn in online plumbing courses 

We know for some, learning at home can feel daunting as opposed to the traditional route we’ve been brought up on to gain an education and develop the skills required for our chosen field. Our online plumbing course strikes the perfect balance between online and in-person learning whilst gaining city & guilds qualifications

We developed our courses to cater to your needs to get the best provision and training programs possible. Learning on your terms in the comfort of your own home only benefits you. And don’t worry, you won’t be completely alone in gaining your qualification! 

You will be assigned a highly skilled tutor, with years of experience working in the plumbing trade to help you through your whole qualification. Your tutor will guide, support, and advise you until the end of your journey of becoming a highly skilled tradesperson. 

When joining our online plumbing course, you will then be provided with a plumbing at-home study pack. This will provide you with all of the theories relating to the topics listed above. The benefit of this pack means that you can study this at your own pace in a place where you feel comfortable, removing the distractions and additional pressure that some feel comes with the classroom environment. 

After studying this pack, when you are ready you will then be invited to attend one of our practical training centres where you will undertake practical assessments and build upon your skills set. We have training centres based all over the country, making our courses even more accessible. 

You will find yourself learning in a hands-on manner; by the end of the qualification, you will be confident in your abilities and able to fit bathrooms, fulfill emergency plumbing tasks and fit domestic appliances amongst many other tasks a plumber is required to fulfill. 

There are many courses out there, The Trades College makes sure they are on top of their game which has a highly proven plumbing training course success rate. You have hidden talents just waiting to be revealed and we can’t wait to help them come to light. Start a plumbing course with us.

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