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Domestic Plumbing Courses: The Right Way

The Trades College domestic plumbing


Becoming a domestic plumber has never been more accessible. With hundreds of domestic plumbing courses out there, from in-person traditional routes involving an apprenticeship to online, work from home options. Choosing the course for you is hard, and it becomes even harder when some courses don’t offer what you need. 

We do our domestic plumbing course the right way. Going above the standard to offer a Level 3 NVQ qualification, which is City and Guilds certified. Our domestic plumbing course has been designed to set up your career, regardless of your experience. 

During your 36-month training, you will be given all the skills you need to become the plumber that you want to be, and is in demand by the public.

The Plumbing Course 

Your route to becoming a plumber is simple.

From the beginning of the course, there will be a focus on the practical side of plumbing and the relevant theory you need to be the best plumber out there. Learning through action, you’ll be taken through bathroom installations and fixing water leaks. You’ll have everything you need to get your essential level 2 NVQ qualification. 

Practical Learning with The Trades College

You’ll never have to do this alone. Our team of expert tutors on the course have a wealth of experience to guide you through. By doing this course, not only do you gain the best possible qualification to become a plumber, you’ll have a professional tutor to learn from, and gain industry knowledge.

Throughout your time here we want you to become the best possible plumber you can be. 

Whilst the Level 2 NVQ is an incredible qualification to have and has become an industry standard. The Trades College will take you one step further to help you achieve the Level 3 NVQ. Not only does this give you another qualification, putting you ahead of many domestic plumbers, but widens your career possibilities. 

The Level 3 NVQ will allow you to learn how to fit underfloor heating and work with unvented hot water. It’s a valuable tool to work on some more technically advanced projects that give you far more opportunities.

Learning Done Right 

We understand that not everyone has a dedicated period of time for specialising in becoming a domestic plumber. That’s why at The Trades College we emphasise working towards your new profession when you can.

The Trades College practical plumbing

 This domestic plumbing course isn’t just for those who are starting out in their career. It can be for those looking to re-specialise in plumbing or face a new career challenge too. Allowing our students to study when they can, you earn the qualification around your schedule. Our focus is on making plumbers the best they can be, not the fastest qualified.

Domestic Plumbing: The Right Way 

At The Trades College, our focus is on establishing your career. We will make you into the best plumber you need to be. Whichever course you choose, you can trust you will be set up for life by studying the programme.

You set the pace. Whilst we establish a route that is best for your learning, you decide when is the right time for you. With blended real-life practical experience and work from home theory learning; if you want the best possible qualification, we want to help you get there.

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