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There are many courses out there, The Trades College makes sure they are on top of their game which has a highly proven plumbing training course success rate, 

Over 10,000 qualified a year! Our courses will certainly get you into the industry of your choice.

With our training it is designed to work around your current circumstances so you can train at your own pace.

You have hidden talents just waiting to be revealed and we can’t wait to help them come to light. Start a plumbing course with us.


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Under our guidance, you’ll experience all of the training necessary to become a fully qualified plumbing professional.

Many people are worried about not having the time to do a plumbing course, but we work around you.

Work from home via our bespoke manuals and virtual reality simulations, and learn key skills. All assessed by your personal tutor, handpicked for their communication skills, competence and experience in the field.

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Plumbing Course Overview

You can retrain as a Plumber and gain the skills that are in high demand. Where you seek employment in this industry or wish to set the way to build your own business, at The Trades College you can achieve the below qualifications that are industry recognised.

Our courses work around your current circumstances and may be easier than you might think. We have a success rate of over 10,000 people becoming qualified each year. We provide all the knowledge, expertise and guidance you need to succeed.

There are 2 course to choose from which have all the material and guidance you need to finish with a recognised qualification that employers are looking for. Alternatively this is a great stepping stone to starting your own business, which many of our students go onto doing with great success. You”ll be learning from home and in our state of the art sites to complete your NVQ.

Plumbing Qualifications from our training

Domestic Plumbing and Heating Installer

Professional Plumber

  • City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma (6035) in Plumbing Studies

  • Part P Defined Scope Electrical Qualification

  • BPEC Domestic Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems Certificate

  • City & Guilds NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Plumbing and Heating

Please note that all examinations and assessments are conducted by an accredited external organisation and all BPEC qualifications are delivered through BPEC approved training centres

qualified You will be ready for...

  • Installing or maintaining heating systems

  • Repairing sanitation systems

  • Fitting domestic appliances (such as dishwashers)

  • Installing air-conditioning units

  • Fitting bathrooms

  • Emergency plumbing repairs