The right gas engineering course for you

Before you start any sort of gas engineering training, it is important to know what area of the industry is most suited to you. Having an initial conversation with us may help guide you to the right path.

Here at The Trades College, our aim is to provide a tailored solution for you to become a fully qualified gas engineer.

You have hidden talents just waiting to be revealed and we can’t wait to help them come to light.


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Under our guidance, you’ll experience all of the training necessary to become a fully qualified gas engineer with our gas engineering courses.

Many people are worried about not having the time to do the course, but we work around you.

Work from home via our bespoke manuals and virtual reality simulations, and learn key skills. All assessed by your personal tutor, handpicked for their communication skills, competence and experience in the field.

Gas Engineer Course Overview

Our courses are designed for people with little to no previous experience in gas engineering. We guide you from day one right through to becoming a fully qualified gas installer with industry recognised certifications. Whether you intend to start your own business or find the right employer, our flexible course will get you there.

Our courses work around your current circumstances and may be easier than you might think. We have a success rate of over 10,000 people becoming qualified each year. We provide all the knowledge, expertise and guidance you need to succeed.

With this course you will be demonstrating gas safety competence by completing nationally agreed assessments, carried out at our ACS approved assessment centres.

GAS ENGINEER Qualifications from our training

  • BPEC – Energy Efficiency (Part L)

  • ACS – Core Gas Safety

  • ACS – Cookers and Hobs

  • ACS – Space Heaters – Fires

  • ACS – Flue Gas Analysers

  • ACS – Central Heating Boilers and Water Heaters

Please note that all examinations and assessments are conducted by an accredited external organisation and all BPEC qualifications are delivered through BPEC approved training centres

qualified You will be ready for...

  • Work as a gas engineer running your own business or working for a company.

  • Work on domestic properties.

  • Work on servicing, installing and maintaining domestic gas appliances.

  • Work on new buildings.

  • Install and maintain appliances for landlords and tenants.

  • Provide an emergency call-out service.


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