Hear from some of our latest students that have recently qualified and what they have gone onto do.

how old to learn a trade?
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Am I too old to learn a new trade?

  When you hear “The Trades College” you probably assume that all the people studying here are in their 18 to mid-20s, but you’d be


Keeping up to date with all the latest industry news and developments that effect our trades courses and development for ur students.

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Plumbing Careers types

When taking on your qualification with the Trades College, you’ll be interested to see what your career has in store for you!

gas engineering work place
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Gas Engineer Work Types

If you’re looking to get into a career as a gas engineer, you’ll want to know what types of work you’ll be doing. Regardless of

renewable energy jobs
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Renewable Energy Jobs available

If you’re looking for renewable energy training: there’s no better time to be joining the renewable energy industry. As we become more conscious of the environment and where our energy comes from, demand for engineers continues to grow.

Training Centres and OUR TUTORS

Information regarding our training centres and tutors.

welding course home learning
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I can learn welding from home?

We don’t know anyone who has the luxury of having a welding station at home, in their basement or garage, so how can you learn


NVQs are a large part of our training courses. Below is a select of information NVQ specifics.

welding course
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How To Become A Welder – Whats Involved?

Welding Course Overview There are multiple sectors that require qualified welders, aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, construction, boiler making, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, agriculture, transport, electronics and